About Us

We can look after your vehicle whatever the make or model, including hybrid and electric vehicles

Established for over 30 years, Technicar has a team of highly skilled and experienced mechanics who provide an honest, reliable service at a fair price.

Our workshop is fully equipped with state of the art diagnostic systems, tools and equipment. Despite this our overheads and kept low in comparison with a multi-million pound dealership allowing us to deliver outstanding value for money. Our hourly labour rate is only £64.00 + VAT (£76.80) which is far less than franchised dealer rates.

Don’t be put off by the common misconception that your warranty would become void by using our services. Thanks to ‘block exemption’ legislation, providing we use manufacturers recommended parts and follow the recommended servicing schedule, your warranty remains fully intact.

Your vehicle is fully insured whilst in our care and all our work and the parts we use are fully guaranteed.

We can also maintain and repair your fleet vehicles efficiently to keep time off the road to a minimum.

Quite simply we want you to choose Technicar for all your motoring needs, whether to care for your current vehicle or the purchase of the next one.

Environmental Responsiblity

Here at Technicar we take our environmental responsibility seriously.

We dispose of all your waste oils, tyres, batteries, metals and cardboard packaging with registered waste disposal experts and minimise our waste going to landfill as far as possible.

Technicar accepts payment by cash, BACS and all major credit and debit card providers

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