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As seen on TV demonstrated by Edd China on Wheeler dealers.

TerraClean is a technology developed by a group of scientists in Canada. They were commissioned by the Canadian government to develop a zero emissions engine. They did manage to achieve this goal, but the technology involved and the fuel used to achieve this would necessitate an increase to the price of the vehicles, due to the need to retro fit a "reactor" which molecularly alters the state of the fuel. That increase in cost coupled with the cost of the highly refined fuel, developed for the project, which would retail at over £40 per litre rendered the concept non-viable to introduce into the motoring world.

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All such engineering projects demand close attention to the condition of the test vehicles being used. The engineering inspections carried out in this project clearly demonstrated that the process was not only developing zero carbon build up, usually associated with all internal combustion engines, in fact it was removing pre-existing carbon previously built up in the engines as well as other deposits which usually build up particularly from use of lower grade/quality fuels.

So whilst the Zero Emissions vehicle project was set aside the technology was taken in a different direction and the concept of TerraClean Decarbonisation equipment was developed. This has proven very successful with over 13,000 machines in operation in the North American market, mainly in franchised dealer workshops. Whilst quite new to the UK marketplace already the technology is proving its value to private owners and fleet operators alike, who are both saving money by reduced fuel costs and lowering their emissions. Essentially by taking a vehicle back to its level of cleanliness not long after being new the efficiency and performance are improved.

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TerraClean is an advanced cleaning system that requires unique patented machinery and chemicals that connect to the vehicle using high quality OEM specific adaptors. The TerraClean machine takes over as the vehicles fuel tank and fuel pump. The process enables cleaning of internal engine components without dismantling the engine! The majority of carbon, tars and varnishes are removed from; fuel injectors, injection pumps, combustion chambers, valves, manifolds and oxygen sensors. TerraClean can also prevent EGR (Exhaust gas recirculation) and turbo vane related problems when used as a preventative measure.

The cleaning of EGR systems would historically involve removal of all relevant parts and cleaning by hand or even replacement, both are labour intensive and expensive.

The new TerraDiesel EGR System Cleaning Tool enables us to clean and restore an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system without the need to dismantle the engine. The tool works by introducing TerraDiesel EGR System Cleaner into the system as a foam to remove stubborn carbon deposits from the restricted system. It also cleans troublesome Diesel particulate filters (DPF) and inside Turbo chargers especially the commonly 'sticking' variable vane type.

A TerraClean service will:

  • Restore fuel economy
  • Regain vehicle performance
  • Smooth idle by increasing lambda efficiency
  • Extend fuel injector and fuel pump life
  • Give immediate drive-away difference

TerraClean service prices

Small engines up to and including 2 litre (Petrol & Diesel) - £90 + VAT (£108)

Large engines 2 litre turbos and over (Petrol & Diesel) - £105 + VAT (£126)

EGR cleaning process costs from £240 incl.

We are an authorised TerraClean service centre, covering the Derby area, please contact us on 01332 380881 for more information.

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